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World Calibration Center - Ultraviolet Section (WCC-UV)

A GAW regional UV calibration center for the European region (WMO RA VI (Europe)) has been established at PMOD/WRC since January 1, 2008. Its main function is to ensure that the data submitted to the GAW World UV data Centre (WOUDC) operated by the Meteorological Service of Canada in Toronto is of known and adequate quality to meet the needs of the scientific community. By its activities, the European Ultraviolet Calibration Center aims at improving the data quality in the European GAW UV network and at harmonising the results from different stations and monitoring programs in order to ensure representative and consistent UV radiation data on a European scale. As of 1st January 2013, the PMOD/WRC has been recognized as a World Calibration Center (WCC) for UV radiation for the World Meteorological Organization, Global Atmosphere Watch Programme (WCC-UV).

Terms of Reference for the WCC-UV:

  1. assist WMO Members operating WMO/GAW stations to link their UV radiation observations to the WMO/GAW Reference Scale through comparisons of the station instruments with the standard instruments operated by PMOD/WRC,
  2. assist the WMO/GAW Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) on UV radiation in the development of the quality control procedures required to support the quality assurance of UV observations and ensure the traceability of these measurements to the corresponding primary standard,
  3. maintain a set of reference irradiance standards and ensure their traceability to the SI units through purchase and intercomparison of transfer standards traceable to primary irradiance standards held at National Metrological Institutes (NMIs),
  4. maintain and operate a transportable reference spectroradiometer for the routine quality assurance and calibration of spectroradiometers measuring spectral solar UV irradiance through regular site visits,
  5. Maintain and operate instrumentation to provide calibration facilities for UV radiation radiometers (spectral and broadband)
  6. Provide traceability to the primary spectral irradiance standards of NMIs by calibrating spectral irradiance standards of UV monitoring laboratories.

International UV Filter Radiometer Comparison
Summer 2017

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