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Solar Reference Spectrum at PMOD/WRC

Solar Reference Spectrum

This reference spectrum is recommended by the CEOS Working Group on Calibration and Validation (CEOS WGCV), particularly the Infrared and Visible Optical Sensors Subgroup. Details can be found under the following links:

The reference spectrum is based on the following key elements:

  1. The absolute scale is determined by the latest observational SSI composite (Haberreiter et al., 2017) which takes into account the ATLAS1 observations by Thuillier et al., (2003). In particular, we use the solar minimum level during the year 2008 as the reference. Details about the SSI composite can be found here.
  2. This dataset is also in agreement with the latest TSI value recommended by the IAU 2015 Resolution B3 (Prsa et al., 2016).
  3. The high-resolution component comes from the synthetic spectrum calculated with the radiative transfer code COSI developed at PMOD/WRC (Haberreiter et al., 2008).

These elements guarantee the correct absolute scale as well as the high-resolution information of the spectrum.

Spectral Resolution: 0.005 nm
Spectral Range: 300 nm to 15 µm

The PMOD/WRC Solar Reference Spectrum can be found on our public FTP server:


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